A visit team for this process is comprised of representatives from fellow NASAD member institutions. They are invited by the NASAD Commission to participate in an institutional self-study visit and can accept or decline. They volunteer their time and services for the visit and do not receive compensation.

The primary functions of the visiting evaluators are (a) to verify the Self-Study (report), (b) to gather and assess information in a comprehensive manner, (c) to review student work, and (d) to prepare a factually based evaluative report that enables thorough Commission review of the total art/design program. As the visiting evaluators are the eyes and ears of the Commission, the visiting evaluators do not accredit, make definitive accreditation judgments, or make official recommendations to the institution on behalf of NASAD. These functions are served only by the Commission on Accreditation.

There was a visiting team of four evaluators at our New York school, and two of the team members also visited the Paris campus.

Christina Lindholm visited the NY campus.

Fred Fehlau visited both NY and Paris campuses.

Katherine McCoy visited both NY and Paris campuses.

Ken Strickland visited the NY campus.

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